2022 Booking Guide

Hi there! If you've found yourself on this page, you're ready to book or curious about a film or photo session for your family in 2022! This guide is all about which sessions you can book, pro's and con's to them, as well as what time of year to schedule AND all you need to know when booking opens up December 15th, 2021!

For reference, this years film sessions sold out by April 27th, so don't wait to book!

How it works...

Pick your session type.

Pick your preferred dates.

Log on and book instantly. 

Detailed below, I will highlight the sessions available for booking on the 15th. Other sessions like seasonal mini sessions will be booked at a later date (mommy and me's, photo only minis) 

Read about the pro's and con's to each month including sunset times, weather concerns, bugs, flowers etc! 

I will be sending out an email, as well as posting the link on all socials (exact time on the 15th TBD). You will be navigated to my website where you will choose your SESSION TYPE first, and then be navigated to my calendar. 

Session Types

Photo Only 

You just need some updated photos! I got you! Get ready for a gallery full to the brim of the good stuff. The pretty, the un-posed, the in-between moments, the small details. 

One hour in the moments before the sun dips below the horizon, an all inclusive downloadable gallery (75-125) with printing rights. 



(Please note I do not do extended families)

PROS: Literally jaw dropping photos because that's all we focus on.

CONS: No video ;) 

Keepsake Film + Photo

A film focused on relationships.  A beautiful snippet into your life. This session is more guided and great for more posed photographs as well. 


Up to 75 minutes shooting time.

On location or in-home

A 3-4 minute cinematic film.

20+ digital images in a downloadable gallery.

Wardrobe styling.



PROS: Shorter session can be less stressful. 

The option for shooting on location means you don't have to get your house ready.
Usually produces great photos as its more posed/guided.

CONS: A more linear editing process with the film. 

Limited amount of time to "get everything in."

Legacy Film + Photo

This is for families who really want an in-depth film that captures the essence of home. After all, that is where the heart is! 


Up to 3 hours shooting time.

A 4-5 minute cinematic film with a lyrical song.

A more comprehensive edit.

40+ digital stills in a downloadable gallery.
*A complimentary mini photo session at a later date.*

Wardrobe styling.



*Mini sessions will be offered on pre-determined specific dates, and not redeemable for monetary value if missed

PROS: Extra time to get in a wide variety of activities and emotions. 

A more detailed, comprehensive edit that has superb storytelling. 

A complimentary mini photo session to fill in the gaps where we might miss the more posed (wall hanger) worthy photos! 

CONS: The length can be a big day for little ones and parents. 

Beach Sessions

These are LIMITED release sessions and some of my favorite all year. All beach sessions are done September weeknights (ideal sunset time, as well as crowd control) in St Joe MI . I take on one film/photo session and one photo only session per week. These will sell out fast. 

Photo Only | $500

Includes 1 hour, 50+ image gallery

Film + Photo | $800

Includes 1 hour (approx) 

40+ image gallery

3-4 minute film 

PROS: Seriously beautiful scenery that makes for not only a beautiful film but also wall hanger photos.

CONS: It can be windy, so if you need your hair perfect, this one isn't for you! We embrace the wind with these! 
Also slightly (sometimes very) messy with sand but I promise the results are worth it. 

Retainers are due within 24 hours to hold your session. Photo/Beach/Keepsake have a $200 retainer

Legacy sessions are $500

Are there any added fee's?

All Michigan Sales Tax is included in the price.

Travel fee's of $0.60/mi beyond 60 mi roundtrip of 49071

Please note you can reserve your Newborn or Fresh 48 session NOW!

A few tips: 

One hour photo sessions and keepsake film/photo sessions usually start 1-2 hours prior to sunset depending on the location. So if sunset is at 9:15pm, expect our session to be around 7:45-8:45pm. Legacy's start 4 hours prior to sunset. We can do morning sessions for Legacies too. 


Everything except the Legacy session is scheduled on WEEKDAYS.

If we are shooting mainly indoors, we can move the session up. 


Beach sessions are ALWAYS the hour before sunset. 

Which month is best?


Late April through may can be a nice time to book if you are wanting cooler temps, and an earlier sunset (sunset times vary 8:30-9:10pm) We do get those purple, yellow and white spring flowers during this time!


The vast majority of this month is reserved for the beach sessions, but if you can manage to grab a spot, this is my all time favorite month to book with cooler temps but still greenery everywhere. 

June - July

LATE SUNSETS (9:04-9:25PM) So older kids only for these dates unless you've got a night owl. Usually has some great wild flowers at local preserves as well as your home if you have gardens. HOT, and perfect for pool/water play. Nothing better than the dead of summer when you're a kid =) 


Beginning of the month is usually still GREEN. If you want fall color, do the second half of the month. Great temperatures! Early sunset so must be able to leave work early if it's a weekday.


A solid month to book! Still some dwindling flowers, can be hot, but also some mild days as well. Sunset creeps down to 8:20pm over the course of the month. 


This is for the procrastinators ;) Or the people who love the cold. Expect temps in the 30's. Great for holiday cards.


Booking tips

Know which session you want.

Reach out and ask me any questions you have before booking opens.

Have what months you want, as well as a handful of dates you know are open ready. Not every day will be available to book so be flexible with a plan.

Keep kids' sports/activities in mind.

I allow one reschedule complimentary, and then it's a $50 fee. (I do reschedule all sessions for rain!)