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Audrey Schultz

I'm just a small town photographer turned videographer who married a fruit farmer from Mattawan and together we started a life together. We have two full of life daughters, Lena and Ahna, and our baby boy Barrett. 

By no means am I a perfect mother, but I try my best, even when most days I fall short. In the moments where I find it hard to breathe and feel like I'm losing my mind, my heart skips over all the joyful, gentle, cherished moments of loving my family that gives me purpose to keep going. This is where the passion for capturing your joyful, gentle and cherished stems from. We need these reminders daily that our work as parents is acknowledged, fought for, and meaningful. 

I also believe everyone has a gift, and God has made it clear to me that this is my gift to share. These video's are going to help heal hearts when time, distance, and heavens separate us. 

I think it's fun to mention, since a lot of people can make a connection, our family is also rooted in the community by providing the Mattawan/Texas Corners area with fresh produce, family experiences, and craft food and beer through our family owned and operated business's Schultz Fruitridge Farms and Texas corners brewery. You can find me working at the market occasionally during the summer and fall!

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