All things baby.

Quite possibly no moment more devine, than meeting the love of your life. 

Fresh 48 or Newborn

The newborn phase ends so so quickly. Allow me to capture these passing moments in a film and photo's that highlight baby's newness. 

Photo Only -

1 hour session, downloadable gallery of 40-70 photos. 


Photo + Film -

Around 1-2 hours of shooting. A 3-4 minute film, 1 digital still with more for purchase. 

$575 ($200 retainer + $375 balance)

Both sessions have access to my newborn client closet to choose outfits, wraps and accessories if desired. 

All fresh 48 sessions can transfer to a newborn session if it doesn't work out for any reason. 


$100 Off

Jan-March Due Dates

Fresh 48 and Newborn Films

Birth Stories

Taken on a case by case basis depending on my schedule. 


Includes all high resolution photo's (approx 125-200) and a 3-5 minute film of your birth experience.

 I help mothers by documenting this cherished moment in their lives that can often become fuzzy by the haze of childbirth. Of all the films I make, birth stories will be the one's most watched over time. 


I am an inclusive birth storyteller, meaning I tell stories of births of all kinds. Home births, hospital births, med-free or epidural 

(I've had both!), or c-section. I'm here to tell YOUR birth experience. 


$400 Off

Jan-March Due Dates

Birth Films