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A Cinderella of bedrooms...

I'm going to start off with the pretty because I don't want to scare you guys away!

This room has always had the potential to be beautiful! But my 19 year old self made some really questionable decor decisions back in the day and then life happened and spending time decorating my bedroom just got put on the back burner while I worked on doing the bare minimum while raising my babies.

So let's rewind - the year is 2011. Dan and I had stepped inside a 24x24 dump of a house and albeit super overwhelmingly scary, we knew we had to make it work. That story is for a whole different post though, so fast forward 9 months and we completely gutted the existing house and added an addition more than double the original house. At the ripe, wise age of 19, I was head of interior design at the House of Schultz.


I picked out a different BOLD color for each room (rooms that are connected here, people) and thankfully ended up coming to my senses before putting them on the walls and picked a neutral to run throughout the main portion of the house. But that didn't stop me from painting the secluded rooms in some of the brightest, boldest, super not really nice colors of the century. I had style.


Dan likes green so we chose this john-deere shade pictured below. And it was so vibrant I didn't even feel the need to put anything on the walls. Not a single thing. Besides a TV of course #musthaves And the mirror just went up.

After 7 years, I finally got the motivation to tackle the "Cinderella bedroom project" and turn this small space into a place of tranquility and relaxation (not the words I'd use to describe the picture below. In my defense, I didn't even bother cleaning before I snapped the before picture. Figured it'd add to the wow factor!)

** I want to add that I feel extremely grateful and thankful that we were given the opportunity to build onto our house and make it what it is today, I've just got to laugh at myself. **

So four coats of white paint later, and about $345,981,345 worth of decor, we made a big step forward in the game of master bedrooms! It's no Joanna Gaines bedroom but I'll be damned if I said I wasn't proud of myself. So naturally, here it is - outlined in photo's smothered with my adorably cute daughters.

Disclaimer : I basically redid the bedroom just so I could take pretty photo's of my kids.

My first born, the apple of my eye, this girl is special. She's sweet as honey and has a heart of gold.

Then little sis woke from her nap to get some sissy lovings. She's gonna be the one to keep us laughing over the years.

Seriously the best of friends (most of the time.)

And I may have bribed them with sour patch kids...

I'm also missing my bed skirt because I ripped it and it needs to be sewn. Maybe next year.

So that's it! Hope you enjoyed the transformation and I wish you the best of luck on your own designing efforts! #justpickneutralcolors

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