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A day at the beach | South Haven, MI

A day at the beach shooting some photo and video
South Haven family photography and video

Even though we only have about a 40 minute drive to South Haven's beautiful beaches, I find we definitely need to make more time to go to the beach this summer! It's always been hard in the past because it always seems like I have a little one that just wants to eat the sand, thus making it a somewhat non-peaceful trip when you're always on don't-eat-the-sand-duty.

But this year we already made it out once, and nobody ate any sand. It's only the end of May though so although the air was warm, the water was BURR cold. I planned on just letting the girls dip their toes in but like always, kids are drawn to water =) and they ended up neck deep several times. We had a great time despite the cold water and I've never seen the lake so calm so that was a plus too!

Lake michigan family photography, south haven vacation photographer
My beautiful girls enjoying Lake Michigan

I was able to get a little bit of video along with some still shots that I absolutely adore. Some of these shot's brought me to tears looking at them. I know these girls will be each others best friends as they grow older and I'm so happy that they have each other.

South haven family photography session, lake michigan portrait photographer
Looking up to her big sis<3

Lake Michigan vacation photography, South haven family vacation photographer
Always there to protect and guide each other

Now that we've had a big heat wave come through, I'm hoping the water is on the way to warmer days and we can't wait to be back playing on the beach!

South haven family photography
Making a big splash in South Haven's South beach

South haven lighthouse, family photography
Until next time big lake!

Take a look at the short video we made as well!


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