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Ava | Mattawan Newborn Baby Photographer

Everything about this session made me happy. When I get a dad who genuinely wants to be there and is excited to pamper his girls with affection, it truly does give my creativity a little extra boost. (If you're reading this and worried your spouse DOESN'T love photos, don't worry! I am generally pretty good with connecting with dads who don't totally love getting their photos done and making it as non-painful as possible!) Couple that with a gorgeous momma and a baby who sleeps like a dream and you'll find me with a smile from ear to ear. Also want to mention how I LOVE that 90% of my clients in 2023 have utilized my womens client closet! It makes me so happy to see the investment I've made in them be put to use, and it saves my clients time and money by not having to shop around and spend their own money for a one time use situation. Win-win in my book!


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