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First Studio Session! | Kalamazoo Southwest Michigan Newborn Photographer | Graham

The day finally came! It was back in April that my studio "shed" was delivered and we've spent countless hours in the backyard making it into what it is now. Insulating in 90 degree weather, painting, laying floor which put me on the couch the whole next day, carefully choosing decor. It's all finally coming together and I can tell you it's both exciting and pretty nerve wrecking. This was a big gamble building my own space but I'm confident it wouldn't have been so heavily on my heart + mind if this wasn't meant to be. So, I'm trusting my gut and putting it out in the world that I'd like to expand even more into newborn photography.

My studio is located in Mattawan, MI and will be serving all of southwest michigan or whoever wants to travel to me =)

I expect to not only shoot newborns in here, but also maternity, 6 month sitter sessions, family photo sessions as well as mini family film sessions!

If you could help spread my name when someone asks for newborn photographer suggestions, I would be eternally grateful. I couldn't do this job without my already loyal client base. Thank you, thank you, to those of you who have been around since the beginning! I have been at this profession for over a decade now and I can't wait to see where the next few years lead...

Here below is my very first little client to help me break in the studio and learn about the light I'm working with. Little Graham was so perfect, despite his parents telling me he likes to fight sleep, he did fabulously! (Those stinkers always like to make a liar out of us parents, am I right?). Thank you S family for spending a morning with me!


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