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Mommy + Me collaboration with Sara Combs Photography

So Sara is another Kalamazoo family and baby photographer (Sara Combs Photography) and we first met when she hopped on the opportunity to have her family filmed back when I first started, and the rest is history. We've fast become friends who go out for dinner and shut down the restaurant talking about everything from business, to marriage to kids to you name it. There is never a shortage of topics we can chat about. My husband jokes about our "date nights" whenever we go out, lol!

It didn't take long for us to get on the topic of a collaboration and it just seemed so easy putting together the details and watching it come to life. We wanted to focus on the relationship between mom's and their children because we know how absolutely strong that bond is and yet how often mom's can avoid being in front of the camera with their kids.

We ended up filming 12 beautiful families and could not have asked for a better two days of shooting. Take a look below at a few of the films these sweet Mom's got for Mother's Day.

PS. It's very likely these will happen again next year, so keep us in mind for your Mother's day requests!

Michigan Kalamazoo based family filmmaker and photographer. Lifestyle family films


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