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Nimtz | Mattawan Family Photographer | Spring time blossom session

Every single year I get inquiries for our family farms blossoming orchards, and every year I don't book them. Wanna know why? Because scheduling is a NIGHTMARE with a capital N. I don't know when the orchards will be in full bloom until 2-3 days before (sometimes less) and even then, we have 2 - maybe 3 days of good bloom before they are gone. Pair those 2-3 days with possible bad weather and the farms spray schedule and it can be quite the trick. If it were my choice, I'd do dozens of mini's in here every year, but its just so logistically hard. If anyone has any ideas on a good way to navigate this - I'd love to hear ideas! So when the Nimtz's session happen to co-align with the blossoms this year, it was a happy coincidence! I'm so glad we were able to shoot here because it is just magical. Take a peek for yourself and see why these orchards are so desired! What made it even better was sweet little Reese was just a baby doll who gave us so many good smiles.


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