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Patterson Baby | Bronson Methodist Birth Story

What more can I ask for than to attend the birth of my nephew? I am writing this way after the fact (2020) so I have been able to watch this boy grow into a big 2 year old! (With lots of attitude, might I add, haha!) Looking back on his birth is so special, and was such a tough birth for my sister. Glad she can have this reminder of it after all the work she put into it! I have yet to film at any hospital other than Bronson birth center (which I love and delivered all my babies at!) but I'm looking forward to breaking into some other area hospitals as well, maybe even some home births in the Kalamazoo/Grand Rapids/Chicago area!

Audrey is a family, birth and wedding videographer and photographer serving all of southwest Michigan with creative, emotive and cinematic storytelling films.

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