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Penelope | Kalamazoo Fresh 48 Newborn Session

Ah. Bliss. Being back in a hospital photographing a fresh new baby. It's been since before COVID that I've done one of these and it made my heart so happy. I'm really hoping to be able to do more of these as hospitals relax their visitor policies.

Being a freshly postpartum mom can be so overwhelming. It's not lost on me how hard it all can be those days in the hospital. I am so flexible with my freshie clients, because mom's mental health is so so important. Say you're not up for it and we will figure something else out! That being said - putting in the effort to get these photos done just pays back tenfold once it's all said and done. You dream about those "firsts" for so long and then they are over just like that.

I am so entirely grateful every time a family trusts me to come in and document their new arrival in such a vulnerable space. <3


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