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Sadie | Kalamazoo Newborn Session at Home Fresh 48

This was supposed to be a birth session and it absolutely pains me to have had missed it due to COVID. I was at her big sisters birth and was very much looking forward to capturing the next big event in this sweet family's life. But, tis life, and we made the absolute best of it and came out with such a sweet film documenting E meeting her baby sister for the first time. Being only 1 year old, we weren't quite sure how she'd react, but bless her little heart she was SO smitten with her. She wanted to hold and kiss her and take care of her very own little baby. I can only imagine the fun these two sisters will have over the next couple decades. We were even able to mix in some home video footage of her birth at Bronson Methodist and that was really special to be able to include too.


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