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The Betz Family

Oh, what can I say about the Betz family. They were so fun. I spent my morning with them reluctantly turning down their offer for pancakes (I should have said yes! They ended up looking and smelling sooo good and I am known for not eating before my sessions, haha)

Anytime I walk into a bedroom like theirs with good natural light and a cohesive look, I do a little mental happy dance because that's the creative inside me knowing they will have a nice look in their products and it makes it a smidge easier for me having good light which is always a plus!

Take a look at their sweet film and photo's below.

* A reminder that every session (indoor, outdoor, mini, you name it) comes with a set amount of still photo's as well. I have been doing photography for a decade now so I'm no newbie ;)

Upon your gallery delivery, you choose the amount that is included in your session OR you can upgrade if you just love them all!


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