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The life of a Work-at-home mom

There is something between a stay-at-home mom and a working mom. It's called a work-at -home mom. That's where I'm at, currently.

Before we had kids, I knew I wanted to stay home with my kids and read them stories, make their food from scratch, cloth diaper, be a genuinely doting mother to my wee ones.


On my best days, I'm throwing fruit snacks and Disney movies at them in hopes of getting some extra work in. The cloth diapering lasted a whole week before I realized I don't do laundry often enough and dirty diapers don't freshen up over time.

In my defense, they are fed, happy, booty fresh, AND they get a story

or two every night. Kinda killing it in the mom department now that my expectations are lowered.

But still, being a work at home mom can be a tricky business. During the summer and fall, I get part time childcare, but it's SO hard finding daycares for part time care so it's stressful finding a sitter not only for my daytime office hours, but for weeknight and weekend sessions as well. Thankfully we have a supporting family who can help out when we need them.

During the winter, I have an occasional sitter for when I have a big workload but otherwise, I'm on my own. After I feed the girls lunch, they go down for nap\quiet time

and I head down to my office in hopes of getting an hour or two of work done. *Cue me running up and down the stairs 35 times convincing my 2 year old she does indeed need a nap and arguing with my 4 year old that quiet time is not over, in fact, its only been 5 minutes. On lucky days, they both fall asleep and I can get a solid 2 hours of work in.

I don't write this to complain, I am very thankful I am in the position to sleep in every morning, spend a lot of time with my kids and stay in pajamas all day. I'm writing this in honor of all the other work-at-home moms that just feel awkward with their working status. When people ask what I do, I struggle between saying I'm a stay at home mom, or that I run a side business. Because, if I'm a stay at home mom, I kind of suck at it. When most moms use nap time to clean the house or prepare dinner, I'm spending it working, and more often than not, even when I am with my girls, my thoughts are often with my work. But if you ask me how many hours I work a week, I'd tell you about 15 on average and that's barely part time, so what do I say?

I can tell you this, I love my kids. I love my work. I believe I am a good mom and I believe I am doing "heart work" in my business. Although I may feel torn in opposite directions at times, I believe I am doing the best I can and both occupations benefit the other. I wouldn't be the storyteller I am without experiencing the love of a mother for myself and I have met so many amazing people with heartbreakingly beautiful stories that have grown my soul and that has carried over into the way I parent and live life, not to mention I get to help financially contribute to my family so we can afford some "extra's."

So this is where I am right now. Kind of a stay at home mom, kind of a working mom. And I'm okay with that.

**What I'd like to think working from home looks like**

**What it actually looks like**

* Note : I do not think SAHM or Working moms have it easier or harder. Everyone has their own highs, lows and circumstances. I think we are all doing the best we can and that's enough.

<3 Audrey


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