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The Rising Tide Society

Updated: Jan 13, 2018

So theres something called The Rising Tide Society. Its helped bring

light, friendship and camaraderie to entrepreneurs all over the nation. Its motto is this.

A rising tide lifts all boats.

Far out, amirite?

My boat had been sinking, y'all, like 4 months prior. The professional life of an entrepreneur can be quite lonely. That's the road I was walking for 7 long years before I found the blessing of the local chapter of the RTS.

Kalamazoo's Tuesdays together Facebook page is where it started for me and it opened my world to not only business and professional help, but friendships that I adore and cherish and I have no doubt my business has been directly positively influenced by attending the monthly meetings.

#communityovercompetition is our tagline and we believe there is room for everybody.

Supporting other creatives in the same field does not mean you have to come and dish out all of your best kept secrets about running your business. It means you come and have a good time, share common ground, discuss relevant topics to your work life, and build a community you can rely on should you need it, because we are better together.

And we also laugh, a lot, and sometimes there's coffee or beer cant go wrong, really.

If you are in the Kalamazoo or West Michigan area and own your own business, I encourage you to find us on Facebook (search Tuesdays Together - Kalamazoo) and start attending our monthly meetings!

See you there?


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