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I wanted to dedicate a little space on my site for the wonderful world of birth photography and films. It's such a gigantic momentous experience and it's hard even to write into words the honor that I feel to be welcomed into another's birthing space. It's so sacred and special and I wanted to talk a little bit about my what to expect from me when you're considering hiring me as your birth photographer.

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Speaking from my own experience, my three births are *THE* most crowning moments of my life. If I could relive them over and over, I'd do so in a heartbeat. The pain, the fear that occasionally gripped me, the comfort of my support team, the beautiful anticipation, hearing their first cries bursting with life. Quite truthfully, the expansion of myself as a mother. These are moments replayed in my mind on quiet nights when I'm drifting to sleep and recalling all those pivotal moments in my life. But I can't quite relive it the way I want. I have some pictures from my first two that are so dear to me. I thankfully was smart enough to have my third captured on video and it's the single most important video to me to date. But what I wouldn't give to go back and have a professional there, capturing all those emotions I was feeling and putting together the sweet story of our beginning. There are moments from my first birth that I can't even recall from being so dog gone tired and loopy from the greatest effort my body had gone through yet. I can't get that back. But I can help other mothers remember their own story through the means in which I tell stories best, photo and video!

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Kalamazoo Birth Photos + Films

I've put together a little FAQ to help answer any questions you may have about what it's like to hire me as your birth photographer and filmmaker! Feel free to reach out and ask me any questions pressure free as well. What is included in a birth film?

- Birth Film Packages include a pre-birth consult either in person in the portage/mattawan/kalamazoo area or over skype/zoom.

- On call from 2 weeks before your due date, and 2 weeks after.

- Your birth story from "go-time" up to 2 hours after the birth of baby.

- A beautifully crafted 4-5 minute film of your experience.

- 100+ digital images in a downloadable gallery.

How involved are you in the birthing experience? As much or as little as you'd like. The number one thing I want you to think of me as, is part of your birthing team. You absolutely do not have to treat me as a family member or friend (although you certainly could if you wanted. I am very friendly!). I am there to serve you and to document your birth in the most unobtrusive way as possible. You are in control of your birthing team and experience and I honor that.

What if you're busy, sick, or can't make it to the birth?

This would literally be my worst nightmare, but preparedness for any situation is a great thing to plan for. I do have a couple back-up photographers on hand I trust and would call in the event I am detained for any reason. If say, the birth happened so incredibly fast that I missed it, or got there just after, we could certainly talk about extending the birth fee's to a newborn or family session as well. When you reach out about your due date, I will disclose any family vacations or mini events I may already have planned and we can discuss our options! My regular family sessions get rescheduled and compensated if I get called to a birth. A great client experience is of the utmost importance to me, so please know my desire to work with you in finding a good solution to any issues that may arise is top priority.

Do I have to share my film publicly on your socials and website?

Absolutely not. You are in control over how much or little your media is shared. It's 100% up to you!

What if I end up a C-section?

It's still your birth experience and deserves to be told! We'd need to get a little creative in documentation but I'm prepared for this and prep all my clients beforehand just in case.

When do you show up? I'm usually pretty anxious to get there so as soon as we know for sure that labor is active, I head your way! Typically 4 centimeters is a good indicator!

Can I get both photo and video of the baby coming out?

This one is tricky but workable! I prioritize the video over images because I can go back and grab lower quality photo's from the video printable to 4x6, while as if I just did photo, that's it - no video. So I shoot video of the immediate reaction after the birth and then when I feel I I have my moment, I quickly switch back and forth between photo and video.

What equipment do you have/ do you need lighting?

I shoot with the best quality equipment (Canon R5 + 35Lii for those techies out there) that allows me to shoot in low light situations. I do not bring or provide any additional light sources. If you're concerned about light during your birth, this is something we can touch on during your consult!

Can I do just photo?

Certainly! Photo only packages include everything mentioned above, minus the film!

Can we get some private time with baby after the birth?

Yes! Bonding time is so important. We can plan for a short period of private time after the birth is that's something you desire. We'd chat about this at your consult.

What area's do you serve?

I'm Kalamazoo based, but will travel to Grand Rapids, Lansing, Jackson, Detroit/Ann Arbor or Northern Indiana. Travel fee's do apply beyond 60mi roundtrip of Mattawan, MI.

Are you a doula?

No. Although I am super passionate about birth and supporting mothers, I don't have any plans at the moment to become Doula certified. I have had two unmedicated births of my own, and one well placed epidural birth, so I do have experience in supporting mothers of different birthing choices. I can certainly be a support person if you desire, but my number one job is documenting your birth.

If you are at all interested, please reach out to me on my contact form on my home page.