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In-home Session

$850 (Monday-Thursday)

$950 (Friday-Sunday)

A film done at your home where you can be surrounded by all things familiar to you. In-homes have the ability of capturing the essence of your family at home. Plenty of time for multiple activities. We can head outside for golden hour to top off the session. In home sessions last around 3 hours.

You will receive:

 4-6 minute film. 

Photos - 3 digital stills 

Optional add on - Audio voice overs $99

(available for in home sessions only)

25% "Off season" discount (Jan-April)


Outdoor Session

$450- (Monday-Thursday)

$550 - (Friday-Sunday)

Outdoor sessions have their own uniqueness to them in capturing your interactions with your family. I like to call them a moving portrait because they resemble a photography session, only you get the motion and the sounds as well. They are slightly more guided and focus on relationships. Outdoor sessions may include realtime audio portions but there is no family interviews. Outdoor sessions are best done during golden hour. They last around 60-75 minutes.


You will receive:

3-4 minute beautifully crafted film. 

Photos - 1 digital still 

25% "Off season" discount (Jan-April)

May be filmed in your home.



Other Services

Birth Stories

Taken on a case by case basis depending on my schedule. 


Includes all high resolution photo's (approx 125-200) and a 3-5 minute film of your birth experience.

As a mom that is done having babies, I consider it at absolute honor to be invited into your birthing space to document this 

monumental moment of your life. I help mothers by documenting this cherished moment in their lives that can often 

become fuzzy by the haze of childbirth. Of all the films I make, birth stories will be the one's most watched over time. 

Take it from a Mom who knows, make sure your birth is recorded, whether that's professionally, or by i-phone. 

I am an inclusive birth storyteller, meaning I tell stories of births of all kinds. Home births, hospital births, med-free or epidural 

(I've had both!), or c-section. I'm here to tell YOUR birth experience. 


Contact me for more information.

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