Preparing for your session

Prep for your session!

How to prepare for a newborn session

Congratulations on your newly expected arrival! I'm honored that you chose me to document this big milestone. A few tips to help your newborn session run smoothly!
- Keep baby awake for 1-2 hours pre-session, this helps us get those sweet sleepy photo's and poses.
- Feed right before I get there if it's an in-home or plan on feeding at the beginning of a studio session. I allow plenty of time for feedings.
- If your session is in-home, open all blinds or window treatments to allow for good light and turn OFF all overhead lights, even if it seems dark.
- Make sure family members are fed beforehand, including yourself. Don't want anyone going hungry ;) - Plan on 1-2 hours for your session.

How to prepare for a mini session.

Mini sessions are great bang for the buck, and being prepared is crucial for maximizing our time together! A few simple steps will set you up for success! -Show up at least 15 minutes early to allow for traffic backups, and last minute touch ups so you're ready to go at the start of your session time. This is super important as mini's are back to back sessions. - Make sure everyone is fed beforehand! Nothing will ruin the mood quite like hunger. - Get your kids excited for the session beforehand. Don't threaten them to behave, rather talk about how excited you are to love on them for a short while and totally use a bribe for after the session. - Keep your day low key on the day of your session if possible.
- Be ready for physical contact. Whether physical touch is at the top or bottom of your 5 love languages list, its what makes connection in your end result. At all times during the session, make some sort of physical contact. Playing with hair, scratching backs, linking arms, etc. I will help guide you on this but keep it in mind.

How to prepare for a Keepsake session.

- Keep your day low key beforehand if possible.
- If the session is in your home, open all blinds/window treatments and shut off overhead lighting.
- Get the kids excited for some fun time together! I fully support bribes for a fun treat/activity once the session is over. - Be prepared for physical connection. Whether physical touch is on the top or bottom of your 5 love languages list, it's what makes connection in your media. At all times, making physical connection is important, things as simple as playing with hair, scratching backs, hugging, lifting their face to look at you etc. I will help encourage these interactions but keep this in mind.
-Biggest tip is just to have fun and be silly and make your kids laugh <3

How to prepare for a Legacy Session.

- Open all blinds/window treatments and shut off overhead lighting. - Keep your morning/afternoon low key if possible. - Get the kids excited for some special time together, and use a bribe for an exciting treat/activity afterwards if they have fun! (Try not to stress them out about behaving.) I've seen it all as a family photographer and I expect some less than great behavior. The key is getting them excited for a fun time!
- We have a lot of time together, so don't feel the need to rush things or be doing something at every minute. Take your time and feel free to relax during our time together!
- Make sure everyone is well fed either before or during! Moods get grumpy when hunger is in the air. - The most important tip I can give to gaurantee a great film is to simply interact with your kids, and to smile alot. Just have fun. Make them laugh. Soak in their sweet details of their current age. I'll do the rest ;)

How to prepare for a Beach session.

-Arrive 15 minutes early to do last minute touch ups and pay the parking fee if applicable.
-Make sure everyone is well fed as beach sessions take some energy.
-Shoes are not required -Get the kids excited for a fun time at the beach and tell them how excited you are to spend some quality time together! Avoid stressing them out by making them "behave." - Bring towels and a change of clothes if you plan on getting in the water. I can almost gaurantee you won't regret the images if you do. That said, please make sure the kids don't go in past their knees. Rip tides can be dangerous.
- Overall, just have fun with your family. Be silly, be wierd, make fart jokes, live big. The best sessions I have are from families who just let loose a little and make their kids laugh.