Wardrobe Guide


Outfits really do make a big contribution to your session! It can pull everything together and really make your final media look really cohesive. I am available to help you with outfit planning! Please email or text me (2699861626) photos of what you are thinking for yourself and then we can put a plan together for the other members of your family. ALWAYS start with yourself first! It's a lot easier to find options for kids rather than trying to find something that matches them. So find something you absolutely love for yourself first, and then tackle the family. Remember: If you don't love it in the store/try on, you won't love it in your pictures. Find something that's flattering and that you can move around in. (Look at it from different angles and positions.) 
You can go more dressy, or keep it more casual! Here is a pinterest link for cohesive colors/styles you might find inspiration in! Instead of looking too matchy, aim for coordinated. Ideally I love to incorporate one print, different textures, and some neutrals
*Please take into consideration dressing for the weather if your session is outdoors.

Your Personalized Styling Tool

Click the button below and use code: 6468001S to get access to a styling tool that takes the stress away from choosing outfits! Simply fill out the questionnaire with info about your family and it'll show you options for each person! Use it to buy directly or just for some inspiration! Use it for one person, or all. 

I recommend both casual and romantic boho option!

Some of my favorite stores for Mom's

If you're not finding something you like on the styling tool website, take a peek at some of my favorite shops for photo worthy outfits!

In addition - Here is an amazon link of affordable basics to mix in. Note that most options have different colors/prints and even styles once you click on them. Some defaulted to the first option which aren't my favorite so click on them and browse the color/style options. 

Please note I have not ordered from all of these websites/specific items. Its imperative that you seek out the return policy before purchasing and allow yourself enough time for returns. 

If this overwhelms you, honestly, use me as resource. Reach out and let me help you plan! 
You can email me at wheretheheartisfilms@yahoo.com or text at 2699861626

It is unlike me to not get back within 48 hours, so please reach out again if you do not hear from me. I am human and occasionally things can get past me.